Could Triple Glazing Be The Key To A Quieter Home?

You will not be hearing a lot of it now that we’re in lockdown, but in regular situations, noise created outside can cause you problems indoors in your home.

It’s actually frustrating when you’re settling down to do something, possibly seeing a preferred television show or delighting in a tranquil supper, and you get disrupted by the cacophony of noise that originates from cars or inconsiderate neighbours.

You can always talk to your neighbours, however you can’t do much about noisy traffic, except for maybe getting triple glazed doors and windows fitted.

We hear a lot that triple glazing is good for sound insulation, however how real is that?

It’s certainly not incorrect, however whether they have any effect very much depends on how triple glazed windows and doors are built and set up.

The glass needs to be right for the task and you want a thick glass. Nevertheless, you do not want each of the 3 panes to have the very same density. They must all be various thicknesses if you want the windows and doors to shut out noise successfully.

Something else that’s needed is for there to be large air gaps in between the trio of glass panes. Where possible, likewise try not to have trickle vents put in any windows as they will supply noise with a pathway into your home.

The final fitting requirements to be done correctly too, which means guaranteeing that the doors and windows are well sealed, with definitely no gaps.

Simply know that triple glazed windows and doors may not be all you require to choose external noise. It could also be coming through your roof, walls and floorings, so get them sorted at the same time.

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