Eco Friendly Furniture

Eco-friendly furniture is different to products labelled organic; the organic label primarily exists in the food and beverage industry and clothing. Eco-friendly furniture refers to the type of fabrics used, certified ecologically harvested wood, bamboo, non toxic finishes, local artisan and fair trade products. The organic label can be found on home furnishings normally on the product description label. Upholstered and filled items of furniture can include chairs and sofas in organic fabrics, mattresses, and futons.


Wood furniture comes with an eco-friendly certified label, this can be earned when local manufacturer’s harvest wood in accordance to the requirements that certify it eco-friendly. Buying certified wood furniture means customers can trace the very first step of creation; where the wood was harvested, up to the final selling place. Bamboo is another alternative material used in furniture; it is grown with no pesticides and grows very fast.

When customers choose to buy eco-friendly furniture, they are choosing to buy furniture made from materials that are free of toxins and chemicals. Many cheaper furniture brand stores offer low-quality furniture that can often be finished with toxic varnish or contain other chemicals. The use of cheap materials in furniture and manufactured wood products are extremely common in the furniture industry and worryingly so, as they contain chemicals and products harmful to health and our environment.If people want to avoid buying potentially harmful and toxic products, the best way to do this is to buy locally from artisanal craft shops, where the usage of such toxins and chemicals is non-existent as these places work on a small scale and do not need to produce mass orders. Another way to shop for products in their natural state is to go directly to the source and look for people who work with wood.

Vintage and antique furniture is also popular, although many antique furniture pieces that have been painted contain lead, but there is less chance of vintage furniture containing as many chemicals and toxins as found in furniture today.


Shopping for eco-friendly furniture need not be difficult, there are many trusted specialist stores that comply with the ethical and fair trade standard procedures. These stores offer a more personalized service and can give customers information about where each product comes from and where it is finished to ensure it is devoid of anything harmful or made in an unethical environment. Sustainable furniture is becoming ever-more popular and widespread as consumers look for ways to change their habits and become more aware of the environment.

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Leaning Shelves – A Combination of Style and Efficiency

When it comes to finding storage shelves, one of the biggest problems that people face is finding a set that will fit within their home while also being able to hold everything that they would like for it to hold. In most cases, the perfect bookcase (for instance) is too big and bulky to fit comfortably within a certain room without having to rearrange all of the other furniture and decorative items that are already in place within that space. Many consumers have found it to be rather difficult to find a shelving unit that is tall enough to have enough shelves that is also thin enough to fit in a tight space. This is why purchasing the Leaning Shelves is such a great idea.


A Combination of Style and Efficiency

The Leaning Shelves are specifically designed to combine the efficiency of storage shelving with the stylish design of traditional décor. The overall design of this shelving unit will make it appear as if your items are not being supported by a strong and stable structure. Even after each of the Leaning Shelves has been filled to capacity, it may still appear as if you can easily knock the entire structure down with a light tap. However, that is where the true intelligence of this design is fully experienced. The Leaning Shelves were built in order to provide a level of versatility that many other storage shelves simply are not able to match and this unit clearly achieves that goal.

The Sizing of the Shelving Unit
The height of this particular set of Leaning Shelves is 197cm, which is close to 6 ½ feet tall. It has several different shelves that are spread throughout this space in order to hold a substantial number of items with very little difficulty. What is even more beneficial than the height of this unit, however, is its width. It is only a little over one foot wide.

This means that it can cozily fit within very small spaces. As long as you basically have one foot available floor space and over six feet of wall space available, you will be able to enjoy the storage benefits of these revolutionary leaning shelves. The white color allows them to easily blend in with an existing home décor so that it does not clash with the color schemes and patterns that you already have flowing throughout your home. Do not delay; purchase a set of Leaning Shelves today.

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Choosing What Bedding Sets to Use in Your Home

For your bedroom to look more appealing, opt for bedding sets that offer a whole lot of style and comfort. Here are some tips to help you out in your decision:

1. Decide on a colour scheme. Think of your room’s colour. You may decide to match your beddings with it or opt to use bold colours that can provide some contrast. Again, either way is okay as it largely depends on your personal style. A matching colour will create a more cohesive look for your bedroom. However, if you choose to contrast the colours, it can make for a livelier ambience, plus your bed décor will really pop out against the background.


2. If you are after comfort, cotton bedding sets are the way to go. Opt for higher thread counts for a softer and more quality feel to it.

3. Beddings come in a multitude of designs and colours, so again choose what you think will work best with your overall décor.

4. Before you buy anything, make sure first that you know the right size of your bed. Your beddings should of course need to fit your bed, and it comes in different sizes. Bed sizes range from king size, queen, twin sizes and single-standard sizes. Ill-fitting beddings won’t deliver the bedroom look that you’re after.

5. Apart from using the right beddings, you may want to add some decorative items like sheer curtains, drapes and throw pillows. Doing this will enhance your room’s look even more. Sheer drapes and curtains are great ways to decorate a window (if your room has one). While throw pillows can be matched with your room’s other decorative pieces.

6. If it helps, try moving your furniture around until you’re happy with their placements within the room. When you reshuffle the location of your furniture, it can render a brand new look to the room. Here, you don’t have to buy a new set of drawers, mini table or chair—just move it around and create a fresh look for your bedroom.


7. Lastly, for a more comfy feel, add some flowers in a vase and light up a few decorative candles to set the mood.

Creating a nice look for your bedroom doesn’t need to be stressful and costly. Again, you can decorate on the cheap and still create something beautiful. With the right colour mix, bedding sets and even old furniture, you can still come up with a style that’s fresh, relaxing and design-worthy.

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