Let’s face it … When Summer is over …. it can be quite depressing….

The nights are drawing in, the weather condition is cooling down and we’ve dug out our dusty winter coats and boots from the back of the closet for another season of keeping warm against this typical British winter. This is the perfect season to be thinking of winter season proofing your house to lower the risk of chills, leaks and troublesome, pricey repairs.

We have actually assembled our 6 top ideas to prepare your home before the ravages of winter set in, making certain we stay warm and comfy as the weather turns wet and cold.

  1. Clear gutters and drains

Seamless gutters are there to assist drain rainwater off your house and any obstruction will divert the water over your walls which can harm brickwork and trigger damp. Utilize a trowel to clear out your gutters guaranteeing they are free from particles such as sticks, moss and leaves. This will involve climbing up a ladder so security very first- if you are not up to this task then ask someone who has done this task before and is positive up a ladder to do it for you.

  1. Sweep the chimney

Certainly another job left for the experts. If you have an open fire or wood burning stove an annual chimney sweeper is important to remove blockages and ensure the flue is clean. It is best to have this prior to lighting the first fire of the season, reducing the threat of soot fall and the event of chimney fires.

  1. Draught evidence your home

If windows and doors are in a bad way they can leak cold air and water around the edges so by draught proofing your house, you will use less energy on heating your home meaning you’ll conserve money too. Examine your doors and windows for draughts and leaks and if you discover any then go and buy some draught proofing from your local DIY shop and obstruct up the unwanted gaps. Do not ignore draughts which sneak in through your letterbox and under your front door- a letterbox cover can stop draughts as can a friendly sausage canine by your front door (we discover the stuffed range are a lot more reliable at keeping draughts at bay than the real life ones) Curtains are likewise excellent at helping insulate rooms.

If your windows are old and single paned it might be the time to think about buying some brand-new double glazed doors and windows.

  1. Bleed the radiators

In some cases air can become trapped inside radiators triggering cold areas and decreased performance. If this holds true, then your radiators will need bleeding. Not sure how to bleed a radiator? Well its in fact easier than you might think. Take a look at our handy guide HERE.

  1. Get your boiler serviced

Have your boiler serviced so you can be assured it is in tip top working order. That way you will not be stuck with a pricey and troublesome breakdown when you need your boiler the most. Check to see if you are entitled to a yearly boiler service as part of your boiler warranty and constantly make certain the engineer you use is gas safety registered.

  1. Change your windows & doors

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