How You Can Stop Your Windows Getting Condensation

It occurs a horrible lot throughout the winter season as that’s when internal condensation on windows most frequently appears.

We always know what to say as condensation is easily described– it’s all down excess wetness inside being unable to leave.

Where does that moisture come from?

It’s produced whenever you e.g. take a hot shower, boil your kettle and put the tumble clothes dryer on.

Unless you have enough ventilation, in the form of extractor fans and vents, this moisture has no means of escape. When it then meets the cold surface of a glass pane, it becomes water droplets.

Some not do anything about it and just overlook condensation– bad idea!

You should always wipe down your windows with a towel to get rid of the water as it can lead to serious issues i.e. mould, damp, structural damage.

So, sorting out proper ventilation is necessary, and it will likewise help if you dry your clothing outside, open some windows when you can and so on

. An even much better solution is to have energy effective double-glazed windows fitted.

Compared to single-glazed windows, they have a much warmer profile, which is what’s required to resist internal condensation.

If your house deals with in a specific direction, you might periodically get external condensation on brand-new energy effective windows.

This will just typically take place during the months of March/April and October when there’s a high humidity and the outdoor temperature can quickly shift.

It will not exist for long. Once the sun comes out or there’s a little bit of a breeze, the condensation will rapidly vaporize.

External condensation is also an indication that an energy effective window is using the level of insulation that it ought to, so it must never ever be considered as a bad thing.

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